Application Concepts
Under Development
The following application concepts are in various stages of development;

cloud based Integrated Development Environment

Enables software developers to develop applications from any location as well reducing compile time by having access to powerful development hardware.

Internet based Hitch-hiking Community

Hitch-hikers upload their current and destination location on the hitch-hiking community web-site while vehicle drivers upload their GPS planned route to the web-server. The system matches hitch-hikers to the drivers coming closest to them and going to or close to their destination. Drivers are sent details of the hitch-hikers routes and profiles that are looking for rides on the routes they are taking. The estimated pick-up times and profiles of drivers offering to pick-up the hitch-hiker are sent to the hitch-hiker who selects the driver they want to travel with. Once confirmed, the system will download the required change of route to the driver's Sat. Nav.

Browser based Application Framework

BbAF is a C++ application framework that enables developers to create applications using a web browser as the GUI component. It simplifies the GUI creation process by allowing developers to create an HTML file, and include markers where dynamic data is to be displayed.

Knowledge Communication and Visualisation application

This application concept describes an application that addresses the problems associated with corporately and/or geographically dispersed teams enabling them to effectively communicate, store, search, retrieve and make inferences from knowledge.

staff retention analysis (for employee satisfaction tracking)

Project Estimation and Planning Solution

Multi formula spreadsheet cells

Simplify spreadsheets and debugging of complex equations by allowing multiple formulas in one cell or spliting a large formula into sections with the ability to view intermediate values and perform range or error checking on them, rather than having to use multiple cells.

If your company is active in any of these areas and you're looking to expand your product line, please e-mail me for further details.