Application Concepts
Browser based Application Framework


BbAF is a C++ application framework that enables developers to create applications using a web browser as the GUI component.

It simplifies the GUI creation process by allowing developers to create a HTML and CSS files, and include markers where dynamic data is to be displayed. When the application needs to display the page, BbAF will populate the HTML file with the required data from the application, and send the file to the web browser. Development speed for the GUI layout and results pages is increased because after every modification to the layout, the developer only has to hit the refresh button to review the changes.

BbAF makes it easy to create a GUI application, or migrate a legacy text based application to a GUI one, by using a web browser for the application GUI.

BbAF enables the programmer to create working html files, with directives to BbAF embedded as comments; then when called in the application, the BbAF dynamic web page generator will replace these comments with the variable list generated by the programmer within their application.

BbAF uses a simple web server so is only suitable for non security critical applications behind a firewall.

Features and Functionality

BaAF consists of three components,

What are the benefits of using BbAF?

BbAF enables the application developer to implement applications using standard C++, as all application events are handled by the browser, and these are passed back to the application as standard text strings. This removes all Operating System specific functions from the application code.

Using a Web Browser to implement the GUI allows the user to interact with the application on their Operating System of choice, and increasingly the platform using their browser of choice. Even the corporate world is no longer defaulting to a PC running Windows, more and more people are using smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android.

As communication to the application is via HTML text strings, it is possible to quickly and easily develop scripts for automated test and debugging of the application.

Event handling is via HTML Posts and Gets generated by the browser. These are much easier to work with than the event handling of Windows, Qt and wxWidgets, etc.

The application GUI rendering is performed using the browser using easily configurable HTML and CSS files.

BbAF makes it easy to create Applications as a Service. As the application is implemented as a server it can be hosted on the Operating System of choice for the developer.