Application Concepts


Application Concepts are software applications that I have conceptualised and developed and that I believe are of commercial value to other companies.

Benefits of Licensing

All companies need to develop or expand their product offerings in order to grow. Although large companies have large R&D departments, much of their effort goes into creating new versions of their existing products. Additionally, large companies tend not to be structured to be creative.

Small companies on the other hand can't afford research departments and are so busy with the day-to-day running of the business that they don't have time to think about new products.

Licensing an application solution allows a company to outsource their technology development activities, allowing them add new functionality to their products in a cost effective manner. Developing new functionality in-house draws the company's energies away from its core competency, reducing the company's efficiency and increasing its risk exposure.

Significant financial investments and resulting risks would be required to grow Tarsier Software Solutions to the size were it can convert these concepts into a marketable product on any reasonable geographic scale. However, for a company with brand recognition in the field there are only incremental costs when adding a new product within its existing marketing strategy.