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The CD icon indicates that the book comes with a companion CD, containing source code, examples, applications, etc... related to the content of the book.

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no stars
Very poor value for money when comparing the depth of detail with the cost.
1 stars
An introduction to the subject, but not in an easy to read format. Another introductory book would be required to obtain an adequate foundation.
2 stars
An easy to understand introduction to the subject. However, another book would be required to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the subject.
3 stars
A detailed review of the subject, (e.g. code examples, sample forms...). However, it's not perfect. Depending on the subject matter, it could be written in a different format, enabling rapid retrieval of information; or if a language guide, the examples might be poorly laid out, or too simplistic, etc...
4 stars
A well written, detailed review of the subject. Always in use!

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Constructing Intelligent Agents in JAVA
Bigus, J. P. & Bigus, J. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1997
ISBN: 0471-191353  366 pages  Paperback
My review and list of contents »
Data Mining Techniques : for marketing, sales, & customer support
Berry, M. J. A, Linoff, G. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1997
ISBN: 0-471-17980-9  444 pages  Paperback
My review and list of contents »
Data Structures and Problem Solving Using JAVA
Weiss, M. A. Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. 1998
GUI Design Essentials
Weinschenk, S., Jamar, P., Yeo, S.C. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1997
The X Toolkit Cookbook
Kimball, P. E. Prentice Hall P T R 1995
Virtual Machine Design and Implementation in C/C++
Blunden, B. Wordware Publishing Inc. 2002
ISBN: 1-55622-903-8  
Writing Secure Code
Howard, M., LeBlanc, D. Microsoft Press 2003
ISBN: 0-7356-1722-8  

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