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Introduction Tarsier Software Solutions was started with the aim of conceptualising and developing application concepts that are of commercial value and licensing them to other companies for development into a distributable application. However just after registering Tarsier Software Solutions as a company and securing the domain name, I had an idea for a personal alarm clock and subsequently ideas for other products.

Consequently I have a growing list of Product Concepts, see below. If your company is active in any of these areas and you're looking to expand your product line please e-mail me.

Product Concepts Under Development Following are ideas that I'm hoping to develop into Product Concepts and Product Concepts that I have developed and am currently looking for a licensee for;
  • Personal Alarm Clock, More details...
  • Ergonomic Combined Laptop and Docking Station Design, More details...
  • Cable Trunking Power Bar Hanger, More details...
  • Roadway cabling system,
  • Traffic Light Approach Speed Advisory System,
  • Timer Switch for Storage Water Heaters,
  • Driver Information system for Private and Commercial Vehicle Drivers,
  • Vehicle Rear-end Collision Warning System.
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