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Introduction My "Tarsier Tools" are simple standalone applications, utility functions, OpenOffice Calc / Microsoft Excel macros that I've developed. I and hope you'll find them useful.

They are distributed under the GNU General Public Licence, (GPL). You should review the GNU GPL to know your rights regarding the modification, copying and distribution of my "Tarsier Tools" and to be informed that under the GPL my "Tarsier Tools" are distributed with NO WARRANTY.

Available Tarsier Tools The following "Tarsier Tools" are available;
Linear Interpolation Function Designed for Microsoft Excel, this "Tarsier Tool" interpolates between consecutive ordered points from the given data. The function can be configured to interpolate using either a step or linear function. If the input value is outside of the range of the X coordinates the function can be configured to either perform a linear extrapolation using the two nearest points; return a constant value of the nearest value or return the Excel #NUM! error. More details »
Quadratic Regression Function Designed for OpenOffice.org Calc and Microsoft Excel, this "Tarsier Tool" enables you to perform quadratic regression on your data. The function can provide the coefficients of the quadratic equation, evaluate the function for a known X value, calculate the X values for a known Y value, calculate the co-ordinates of the turning point and calculate the R2 (R squared) coefficient of multiple determination. More details »
"Save To..." File Menu Function This "Tarsier Tool" is a simple application to demonstrate the concept of my Save To... and Save To Draft file menu functions and associated Preferences or Options dialog box. This Tarsier Tool (code) is written in C++, is not a library and uses the wxWidgets API, so you may need to customise the code to incorporate it into your application, programming language or GUI API. More details »
Transpose Link Tool Designed for Microsoft Excel, this "Tarsier Tool" will enable you to transpose a row of cells to a column, and vice versa, while at the same time, maintaining a link between the destination range and the original range. The link can be made on the same sheet, a different sheet in the same workbook, or even in a different workbook. More details »

Code Integrity and Data Security I have tried to ensure that the Microsoft versions of the Tarsier Tools are virus free while in development, but there is always the remote possibility that the software on the web server could have been replaced by malicious code. If you are worried about the executables having been hacked, e-mail me requesting the "Tariser Tool" you want and I will e-mail it to you.
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